A College Where You Will Be Happy

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One of my favorite quotes from Admission Matters is:  “Although no perfect college exists,  you can find many where you will be perfectly happy.”

In our hyped-up college culture, students and parents run the risk of getting stuck on one college, the dream school, and begin to believe it is the perfect choice.  The pressure to apply to schools Early Decision and even Early Admission compounds the feeling that a junior or senior must find the one school.  This kind of thinking works in the favor of the schools who are marketing to you.   They are advertising the perception that their school is the ideal place where you will find true bliss.

When taking the driver’s seat this college application season, remember to cultivate a list of many schools where you can see yourself being perfectly happy.  Commit to resist the messaging that does not work in your favor.  Don’t limit; don’t pick favorites.  You can do that in April.  It’s very liberating to know there are over 2,000 four year institutions out there.  Many of them, not just one, are the right place for you.  

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